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With the Bundle, it is possible to create promotions and kits of products in your store, for example: to create a basket of Christmas or Easter; the combo in which when buying a pizza, the coolant comes out at half the price; or if in the purchase of 12 units of chocolates, each unit has a 10% discount!

Let's create a Bundle together?

1. On Products menu, click on New

The procedure for creating the combo is very similar to creating a product.

2. Fill out the Bundle information

Fill in the Combo information. It is not necessary to inform the fields PRICE OF SALE.

3. In the Bundle tab, check the Bundle box to make this product in a set

4. Click Include product and select a product to compose the set

5. Select a product

6. Enter the quantity and the unit value of the product

7. Include other products

Note: In the data tab, the SALE PRICE will be filled with the same value shown in the table of the products that make up the combo and the STOCK ACTUAL field will be marked NOT TO CONTROL THIS.

8. Click on Save and your combo is created!

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