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How to create a bundle

See how practical it is to create a Bundle on Nex, increasing your sales possibilities by combining different products in a single combo.


What is a Bundle?

With this tool it is possible to create a combp of products, such as baskets for special occasions (Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.), or control combos similar to pizza, which come with soda, for example. It is used to facilitate inventory control, if products are sold in separate units and in closed boxes, for example.

The product that will form the Bundle is called parent product, while the products that will make up this Bundle are called child products. When you sell the parent product (the bundle product), Nex will automatically move the inventory of the child products.

Shall we create a Bundle together?

1. On PRODUCTS menu, click on the PLUS (+) icon.

2. Enter the DESCRIPTION of the bundle product.

It is interesting to use a NAME that allows identifying that this product is a Bundle. If you wish, see here how to register the product.

‍3. In the BUNDLE tab, activate the BUNDLE option.

4. Click on INCLUDE ITEM.

5. Select the first PRODUCT that will be part of the Bundle and click OK.

6. Enter the QUANTITY of this product.

7. Enter the UNIT PRICE of this product. This price will be used to calculate the sale price of the bundle.

8. Click on INCLUDE- F2.

Repeat this procedure until you include all the products that will be part of the Bundle.

9. After adding all the Kit/Combo products, access the DATA tab. The SALES PRICE will be filled in with the sum of the prices of the Bundle products.

In addition, the DO NOT CONTROL STOCK option will be marked on the right side of the LEVEL STOCK field.

10. Fill in the rest of the product registration and click SAVE - F2.

Done! Now you can sell this Bundle in your store. When selling this product, Nex will automatically register the stock movement of products that are part of the Bundle.

Note: By default, the parent product (Bundle) stock is not tracked, but you can disable this option if you wish. By disabling this option, when the Bundle is sold, the stock movement will be registered to the Bundle itself (parent product), besides the movement that is already registered on the child products that are part of the bundle. It can be useful if you use the Bundle feature to control units and boxes fo a product, for example.

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