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How to control the expiration date of a product

See how simple it is to control the expiration date of your products with Nex.‍


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Find out more about our program's subscription plans.
  • This feature was developed to help control product expiration dates, indicating that a given product in stock has items that are valid until a specific date. Nex, however, will not remove the product from stock after the expiration date has passed, nor when the expiration date has passed, as this stock control needs to be carried out separately.

Shall we learn how to control the expiration date of a product?

1. On the PRODUCTS screen, access the ITEMS tab.

2. Identify the desired PRODUCT and click on the THREE DOTS (...).


4. Enter the product's EXPIRATION DATE and click on OK - F2.

Expiration date in product registration:

1. Within the product registration, access the EXPIRATION tab.

Check the expiration dates attached to this product.

2. If desired, click on INCLUDE button to add more expiration dates.

3. Select the EXPIRATION DATE and click on OK - F2.

4. To delete an expiration date, select the DATE to delete and click on EXCLUDE.

This option can be used if the product has already been sold or has passed its expiration date. Lowering an expiration date will not cause the product to be removed from stock. Click here to learn how to register a stock output.

5. Click on SAVE - F2.

Checking the expiration date of all products:

1. On the STOCK menu, access the EXPIRATION DATE CONTROL tab.

In this tab you can view the expiry date of all products and use the plus button to register new expiration dates.

2. If you want to export or print this screen, click on the THREE DOTS (...) and select PRINT or EXPORT.

Done! You have registered the expiration date for your product.

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