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Product Expiration Control

See how simple it is to control the expiration of your products using Nex.


This feature is developed to help you control the expiration of your products, pointing you which product in stock has items to expire within a specific date. Although Nex will not remove the item from the stock after it’s expired, neither when it has been removed from the Expiration Date Control, because this process needs to be done     separately.

Let's learn How to Control the Expiration of a Product?

1. Click on PRODUTCS, located on the left side menu.

2. Select the PRODUCT and press the ADD EXPIRATION DATE - F7.

Using this method you add a shelf life for the selected product, without having to access the product's registration. 

3. ‍Click on the ARROW and enter the EXPIRATION DATE for your product.

4. Click on OK-F2 to save.

Expiration inside the Product Registration

1. Inside the PRODUCT REGISTRATION, click on the EXPIRATION tab.

Double-check the expiration dates linked to this product.

2. Click on INCLUDE to add more expiration dates, if necessary.


3. You can select a expiration and click on EXCLUDE, which will remove it from the list. This option can be used if the product has already been sold or is past its expiration date.

Checking the Products Expirations

1. Inside the PRODUTCS menu, click on the EXPIRATION DATE CONTROL tab to check the expiring products. 

2.  In this tab, you can also REMOVE PRODUCT or EXPORT your product listwith the expiration date and days to expire.

Reminder: The REMOVE PRODUCT option works identically to the EXCLUDE option within the product's registration.

There you go! You have registered the expiration for your product. 

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