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Configure Automatic Code Creation for Products

Learn how to set up your product code to be automatically generated.


With Nex you can automatically generate codes from 2 to 6 digits. Codes with more than 7 digits can conflict with EAN codes or cause errors in barcode readers, codes generated by scales, and label printers.


Let's do it together?

1. Within the PRODUCTS screen, click on the GEAR icon in the upper right corner.

2. CONFIGURE how many digits your code will be generated with.

After this configuration, the existing products that have fewer digits than entered will be adjusted, automatically adding the necessary amount of leading zeros, while the products that have more digits will not suffer any changes.

3. Check the AUTOMATIC option in the product's registration, or leave the code field blank.

The automatic code will be generated based on the code with more digits already registered by you, which is not an EAN barcode. If you set it to be generated with 4 digits, but you have already manually registered products with 6 digits, the system will follow the registration from the 6 digit code number already registered.

4. Click on SAVE (F2) when you finish registering the product.

That's it! Your product is registered with a code automatically generated by Nex.

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