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How to export product list to Excel (.XLS)

See how to export your product list to an Excel spreadsheet.


  • It is often possible to create filters and subfilters of the information that is appearing in Nex. The export procedure will take into account the way the information appears on the screen. Click here and see how to use filters in Nex.

Shall we learn how to export your product list to an Excel spreadsheet?

1. Go to PRODUCTS screen.

2. Click on the ARROW icon next to the search field, then go to LAYOUT and click on ADD/REMOVE COLUMNS.

3. Check the information you need to export about your products.

The deselected information will be momentarily removed from the screen and ignored on export, but you can select it again later.

4. Click on the THREE DOTS (...) in the upper right corner and select EXPORT.

You can also export using the keyboard shortcut, just press the SHIFT + F5 keys at the same time.

5. Choose the NAME and LOCATION to save the file and click on SAVE.

Done! The information selected in Nex was exported to an Excel spreadsheet in the chosen location.

Extra: If you need, it is also possible to PRINT the products list directly from Nex. Click on the THREE DOTS (...) icon and select PRINT.

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