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Learn more about input stock transactions

Check which different types of stock input transactions can be registered in Nex.

What is the  input stock transaction?

Input stock is a transaction carried out within the system in which the quantity of the product is added to your inventory. There are different types of operations that can be performed on Nex for this purpose.

Check the stock entry operations on Nex:

Stock Adjustment (+): This adjustment operation allows you to change the current stock of any product. See here how to perform this operation.

Purchase: with this option you can register your purchases. See here for more details about these three purchase transactions.

Return of the customer: Use this option to return a product that was sold to a customer. See here how to make a return.

Transfer between stores: this procedure facilitates the exchange of products between your branches. See here how to make a transfer between stores.

Shipment return: with this operation you register the return to stock of products from a shipment previously made on your Nex, and this shipment can be for demonstration or repair, for example. See here how to return the shipment.

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