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How to check and print product inventory

See how to print a list of your products, along with the quantity in stock of each item.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our plans.
  • Nex generates a report for a specific period, chosen by the user. The system uses the opening and closing date of the till to include the transactions made in the report. Therefore, it is recommended to open and close the cash register daily (more information).

Shall we learn how check and print product stock?

1. Access the STOCK screen, in the left side menu.

2. Check the total stocks in the STOCK columns for each product. In Stock Level you can see the total in stock of this product, the Reserved in Orders column shows the total amount of the product in open orders and the Stock Available column shows the total available to sell, the difference between the Stock Level and the reserved stock in open orders.

3. Check the SUM of the totals for each column at the bottom of the screen.

4. Before printing, click on the ARROW icon.

5. Click on LAYOUT and then ADD/REMOVE COLUMNS.

6. Select the COLUMNS options to be printed.

With these options active, the name of the products and the quantities in stock will be printed.

7. Click on the THREE DOTS (...), in the upper right corner, then click on PRINT.

8. Click on PRINT DIALOG.

9. Select the PRINTER and then click on PRINT.

Done! You learned how to print your list of products with current stock.

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