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Adding Products to Inventory

See how easy it is to add products to your inventory.

Shall we register a product on Nex?

1. Click on Products on the left-side menu of your Nextar POS.

2. Click on the blue plus (+) icon at the top of the Product Screen.

3. The product form will pop up. Use the "Barcode" field shown in yellow to scan a barcode. The barcode scanner can later be used to speed up the checkout process. If you do not wish to use a barcode scanner, create your own coding system by typing anything you want in this field. Later, use the code to manually search for the item.

4. Enter the quantity you have on hand. You can later edit quantities in bulk by clicking the "Stock" button (learn more) or by opening the product form and edit the information.

5. Press F2 (or click Save) once you have finished adding the desired information.

Done! You are all set! You will now see that the product is in your Product List.

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