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How to register a product and stock

See how to register a product to start controlling your store's inventory.


  • This feature is available only for Premium plan users. Learn more about our program subscription plans.

Shall we learn how to register a product?

1. Click on PRODUCTS menu and go to ITEMS tab.

2. Click on the PLUS (+) icon.

2. Complete the product registration. In the CODE field, inform the code that will be linked to the product.

It is recommended to only use numeric codes in this field. Click here and learn how to create an AUTOMATIC CODE. See here how to use a barcode scanner.

4. In the NAME field, inform the name of the product.

The name can be used to locate the product at the time of a sale.

5. In the SALE PRICES field, enter the price at which the product will be sold.

6. Check the AUTOMATIC option and enter the PERCENTAJE that must be applied to the cost price to calculate the sale price automatically.

See here how to generate a sales price from a percentage of the product's cost price.

7. If you want to change the price of the product when making a sale, check the option ALLOW PRICE CHANGE AT THE MOMENT OF THE SALE.

8. In the CURRENT STOCK field, enter the quantity of the product you have in your stock.

Inventory control is available on all Nex plan, including Free Plan. After registering the products, see here the possible ways to account for the entry of a product into your store's stock, allowing you to control the quantity of products in your stock.

9. Click on the CAMERA icon to add an image to the product.

10. Click on ADD COMMENT to add an internal observation to the product record.

11. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! You have registered a product on Nex.

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