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How to disable and enable products

See how easy it is to disable that product that you no longer sell on Nex. This tool can be used when the program does not allow deleting the product.

Important: delete or inactivate a product?

This procedure of inactivating products is designed to be used in place of deleting products that are present in transactions. In practice it works in a similar way: the inactive product will no longer appear (by default) in the product listing. Excluding products from the database that had already been used in transactions ended up causing errors in the database, as Nex tries to reference information from a transaction that had already been carried out, but this information no longer exists.

Shall we learn how to disable a product?

1. On the Products screen, access the ITEMS tab.

2. Identify the PRODUCT you wish to deactivate.

3. Click on the THREE DOTS (...) and select DISABLE PRODUCT.

Done! Your product is inactive and should no longer appear in the product listing, either on the PRODUCTS screen or when making a SALE.

Shall we enable a product?

4. Click on the FILTER icon and select INACTIVE PRODUCTS to see all inactive products on Nex.

Nex will only show products that have an disable registration. To return to the full view of the product list, click the filter icon again.

5. Click on the THREE DOTS (...) on the chosen product, then select ENABLE PRODUCT.

Done! The product is active again and you can now view it on the sales screen.

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