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How to delete product registration

See how to delete a product on Nex.


  • It is possible to delete products that have not yet had any transaction recorded for them (a sale, for example).
  • If the product already has a transaction linked to it, it is possible to deactivate the registration so that it does not appear in the product list. See here how to inactivate a product.

Shall we learn how to delete a product registration?

1. On the PRODUCTS screen, access the ITEMS tab.

2. Identify the PRODUCT you want to delete.

3. Click on the THREE DOTS (...) and then click on DELETE PRODUCT.

If the product is part of an old transaction, a message will appear informing you that it is only possible to deactivate the product registration.

4. Click on YES.

Done! The product has been deleted from your Nex. If it is not possible to delete due to an existing transaction, see here how to deactivate the product registration.

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