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How to adjust the price of products by percentage (%)

See how practical it is to adjust the price of certain products by a percentage value.


  • It is recommended to create a BACKUP of your Program's data before carrying out this procedure, because, in this way, you have security of your database. See how to make a backup here.
  • With this procedure, you can increase or decrease the price of all products that are appearing on the PRODUCTS screen. It is interesting to create FILTERS to define which products will appear and, consequently, will have their price changed. Here's how to create these filters and also subfilters.

How does price adjustment through percentage work?

It is possible for a supplier to re-price all products it supplies by a percentage. This feature seeks to make it easier to change the price of several products at once on Nex. When performing this product price change by a percentage in Nex, all products that are appearing on your PRODUCTS screen will have the sale price adjusted and, for this reason, it is extremely important that you check all the products on the screen. You can generate filters to apply to products, changing which products appear on your screen. Here's how to create these filters and also subfilters.

Shall welearn how to adjust the sale price of products?

1. On the Products screen, access the ITEMS tab.

2. If desired, filter the products. Here's how to create a single-type filter.

3. Click on the ARROW icon.


5. Select if you want to INCREASE or DECREASE SALE PRICE and enter the PERCENTAGE to be changed in the sale price.

The sale price of the products will be readjusted based on this percentage value.

6. Click OK and wait for the procedure to complete.

7. Click OK again.

Done! The sale price of the products on canvas has been readjusted.

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