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How to apply dynamic filters on Nex screens

See how to apply different dynamic filters on Nex screens.


  • The possibility of applying filters on the Nex screens allows the performance of various analyses, which will depend on the needs of each operation at any given time.
  • In this tutorial, we will apply a filter to the products screen, to see the products registered with a certain category.
  • The steps applied here can be explored in other screens of the program. On the Customers screen, for example, you can filter the neighborhoods of a given city and address.

Shall we apply a custom filter together?

1. On the PRODUCTS screen, find the CATEGORY column, click the arrow next to the column name, and select the category you want to filter by.

2. Do the same procedure in the SUBCATEGORY column.

3.  In this example we have all the Products registered with the Beverages category, under "Minute Maid" subcategory. Then you can apply filter on other columns, as PRICE.

4. Done! Now you can see all the products with the price $ 7,00 from Subcategory Minute Maid and Category Beverages. These are the results of the filters applied.

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