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How to generate commission by salesperson report

See how simple and practical it is to generate a report of commissions per salesperson in a given period.


  • This report is only available to Premium plan subscribers. Learn more about our plans.
  • It is recommended that you do the opening and closing of the register daily, this way the reports will be more accurate, because, when you include a register in the report, all your transactions will be in it.
  • The system counts the commission percentage that was configured on Nex at the time the sale was made. See here how to set up the sales commission.
  • The commission report will only show sales commissions made from Registers which have already been closed. Sales from currently opened register won't appear in the report, unless you choose to Display by date of Transactions.

Shall we generate a Commission by salesperson Report?

1. Go to the STATISTICS menu located on the left sidebar of your Nex.


3. Select the PERIOD you need to generate your report.

4. Select the TYPE of the query.

5. The commission from returned products is already subtracted from the total commission by a default setting. You can also change according to your necessity by removing it, clicking on the ARROW icon to uncheck the option.

6. You can also PRINT or EXPORT the report.

Done. You are all set! Now you are able to track commissions more effectively for all your employee’s.

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