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How to generate the sales by salesperson report

In this tutorial you will learn how to generate a sales report by salesperson.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our plans.
  • Nex generates a report for a specific period, chosen by the user. The system uses the opening and closing date of the till to include the transactions made in the report. Therefore, it is recommended to open and close the cash register daily (more information).

What is the sales by salesperson report for?

With this report you will be able to view all the sales made in the selected period separated by seller, with which you will be able to implement strategies with your sellers and improve the existing ones, estimate the seller with the highest sales flow, plan rotating movements in your business to increase the sales dynamics, among others.

Shall we generate a sales by salesperson report?

1. Access the STATISTICS menu, located in the left sidebar of the Nex.

2. Select the SALES BY SALESPERSON report.

3. Click on the DATE to choose the PERIOD for the search.

4. Click to select the TYPE of the query, either by TRANSACTION DATE or by REGISTER DATE.

5. Click on the ARROW icon to EXPAND ALL RECORDS.

6. It is possible to click on the THREE DOTS to PRINT or EXPORT the results. A file is generated in Excel format (.xls).

Done! Your report is generated. You will see that you can expand the information by seller with their respective information, and the totals by seller or by all sales made at the bottom.

The report separates the information into columns by seller, with respect to the columns, we have:

Register: Identification number of the box in which the sale was made.

Description: Name of the product sold.

Sale number: Transaction number associated with the sale.

Product Code: Indicates the code of the product sold.

Quantity: Indicates the quantity sold per product.

Total: Sum of the sales price of all products sold.

Discount: Indicates the total discount assigned at the time of sale per product; if there were no discounts, it will have a value of 0.00.

Payment: Shows the final value of the product (Total less discounts) paid by the customer in the sale, for each product.

Debt: If the sale was in debit, this column will show the value per product.

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