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How to generate the purchase by supplier report

See how Nex generates a list of purchases, separated by supplier. It is possible to print the list or generate a file for electronic submission.


Shall we generate a purchase by supplier report?

1. On the left side menu of the Nex, click on the STATISTICS screen.

2. In the SUPPLIER section, click on the PURCHASES BY SUPPLIER report.

3. Click on the DATE to inform the desired PERIOD of the query.

4. Click to select the TYPE of the query, whether by register or transaction date.

5. Click on the box with the PLUS icon (+) to expand the results for each product.

6. Check the results.

7. It is possible to PRINT or EXPORT the report. When exporting the report, an Excel file (.XLS) is generated.

Done! You can now generate a new report from another period, if you wish.

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