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How to check the ABC Curve (Analysis)

This tutorial allows you to quickly check information regarding the products sold in your store within a selected period.


What is the ABC Curve?

The ABC Curve is a method used to classify information, allowing you to verify which products are responsible for the greatest profit of your company! This way you facilitate the management of your business, enabling the development of a greater focus on sales, as well as an understanding of your target audience and market segment.

How do I check the ABC Curve?

1. Go to STATISTICS menu.

2. Generate a PROFIT BY PRODUCT SOLD report.

3. Select the PERIOD of the query to create the report.

4. Select the TYPE of the query, whether by transaction or by register date.

5. Click on TOTAL and sort the PROFIT column in descending order.

Done! Now you need to analyze the data.

Data Analysis

The products will be sorted from the one that generated more profit to the one that generated less profit in the selected period, with this data you can classify each product into a category:

Class A products: these are the products responsible for at least 65% of sales profit, up to a maximum of 80%. These products represent your main source of profit!

Class B products: these are the products responsible for up to 30% of the sales profit, but are not part of Class A. With special attention, these products have the potential to become Class A products.

Class C products: these are the products responsible for up to 10% of the sales profit, they still have some relevance, but it is not necessary to have a large stock of them.

In order to analyze it, you can check the total PROFIT at the bottom of the screen, under the TOTAL column. This value is the total profit of all products that have been sold.

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