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How to generate the stock movements report

Obtain the product movement report through the Statistics menu.


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What is the product movement report for?

In this report you will be able to view the products sold in the selected period, divided into 11 columns where it is indicated: Products, initial balance (The first time I enter stock for the product in the system), stock entry, returns, purchase entries, exit of stock, stock adjustments, loyalty points, sales quantities, sales in values, profits. The information comes from several modules such as cash, products, sales and loyalty resources. The report serves to have a census of the most or least sold products, how many movements are being made with those products, that can help you define purchase quantities, product position or promotional campaigns. Below, see the step by step to generate this report.

Shall we generate the movement report for products in stock?

1. Access the STATISTICS menu, located in the left sidebar menu of the Nex.

2. Select the STOCK - PRODUCT MOVEMENTS report.

3. Click on the DATE to select the PERIOD of the query.

4. If you wish, you can click on the THREE DOTS to PRINT or EXPORT the report in Excel format.

Done! You have learned how to generate the movement report for products in stock.

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