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How to generate Income/Expense profitability report

Check out in this report the profit of your business in a specific period, deducting expenses from your revenues!


  • This resource is available for Nex Premium subscribers. Learn more about our plans!
  • Nex generates a report for a specific period, chosen by the client. In this case, the system uses the cash opening and closing dates to include the transactions made in the report. To obtain precise information, we recommend that you open and close the cash register daily. See here how to open and close the register.
  • This feature is available with versions from C424 on. See here how to upgrade your Nex.

What is the Revenue and Expenses Profitability Report?

This report offers easiness allowing you to check, with just a few clicks, what your profit is at the end of a given period. The system adds up all the revenues of your store and then makes the sum of all expenses, at the end it deducts the value of expenses from the revenue value. It is important to remember that the values referring to expenses must be registered in Nex using the feature ACCOUNTS PAYABLE (learn more here).

Shall we generate the report?

1. On the left side menu, click on the STATISTICS menu.

2. Select the PROFIT INCOME / EXPENSES report.

3. Click on the DATE to select the PERIOD of the query.

4. Click to select the TYPE of the query, whether by transaction or register date.

5. You can also PRINT or EXPORT the report. When exporting the report, an Excel (.XLS) file is generated.

That's it! Now you can generate a new report for a different period.

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