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Learn more about Profitability Reports

See here which reports can help you showing your store's profit!


  • This reports are available for Nex Premium subscribers. Learn more about our plans!
  • Nex generates a report for a specific period chosen by the customer. In this case, the system uses the register opening and closing date to include the transactions carried out in the report. For the most accurate information, we recommend that you open and close the box daily. See here how to open the register.
  • This feature is available from version C424 onwards. Here's how to update your Nex.

What is the advantage of getting the Profitability reports from the statistics tab?

These reports work in a simple and practical way, allowing you to check the profitability of your store by two different criteria, one being the REVENUE / EXPENSES report and the other by SOLD PRODUCT.


Revenue /Expenses: In this report you can check your store's revenue in a given period, as well as the expenses that were paid. This way, you can have a control over the profit of your business in a broader way. Here is how to generate this report.

By Sold Product: This report will show the profitability of each product that was sold in the selected period. For the system to be able to perform this calculation, it is necessary that the product has a registered COST PRICE (learn more). Not only it will display the total profit information, the profit percentage is also calculated, in which the final profit (net) is compared with the sales turnover (gross revenue). Here is how to create this report.

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