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How to generate the sales synthetic by supplier report

In this tutorial you will learn how to generate a sales synthetic report by supplier through the Statistics menu.


  • The new Statistics layout is available from version C481 onwards. Click here to download the latest version of Nex.
  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • It is recommended to open and close the register daily. The program uses opening and closing information to generate reports, allowing greater control of your business.

What is the sales synthetic by supplier report?

This report provides information regarding the sales of products in a given period, grouped based on the supplier of these products. In this way, you can check the products from suppliers that are generating the most profit for your store! This report contains different types of information such as the quantity, cost and profit of products sold.

Shall we generate the sales synthetic report?

1. On the left side menu, click on the STATISTICS icon.

2. Select the SALES - SYNTHETIC report.

3. Click on the ARROW to select the SUPPLIER and click on OK (F2).

4. Click on the DATE to select the PERIOD of the query.

5. Click to select the TYPE of the query, whether by transaction or register date.

6. It is possible to PRINT or EXPORT the report. When exporting the report, an Excel file (.XLS) is generated.

Done! You can now generate a new report for a different period.

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