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Profit Report by Sold Product

This report will allow you to view the profit generated by each product that was sold during a given period.


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What is the Profit by Sold Product report?

This report will show the profitability of each product that was sold in the selected period. For the system to be able to perform this calculation, it is necessary that the product has a registered COST PRICE (learn more). Not only it will display the total profit information, the profit percentage is also calculated, in which the final profit (net) is compared with the sales turnover (gross revenue).


Let's Generate the Report?

1. On the left side menu, click on the STATISTICS.

2. Select the PROFIT BY SOLD PRODUCT report.

3. Click on the ARROWS to the right of the dates and enter the PERIOD to generate the report.

4. Click on GENERATE.

5. Check the option to DEDUCT AMOUNT FOR PRODUCT RETURNS, if needed.

6. You can also PRINT or EXPORT the report. When you export the report, an Excel (.XLS) file is generated.

That's it! Now you can generate a new report for a different period.


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