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How to check payment methods records

See how to check the history of all payment methods registered in Nex.


  • This tutorial uses the register with the new layout. Click here to see the tutorial with the old layout.
  • The new register layout is available from version C481 onwards. Click here to download the latest version of Nex.
  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • It is recommended to open and close the register daily. The program uses opening and closing information to generate reports, allowing greater control of your business.

Shall we check the payment methods records together?

1. Click on the REGISTER icon.


3. You can check the transactions carried out, as well as some information about each one of them. If desired, click on OPEN to open one sale details.

4. Click on EDIT to make changes on the sale.

5. Click on PRINT to print the list of transactions in the payment method table.

6. If necessary, click on EXPORT to generate an Excel spreadsheet (.XLS) with the information.

Done! You have checked the payment method records.

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