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Check Payment Method (Historical)

Have full control over the payments methods of your customers in your store with a detailed follow-up.

See also the step-by-step with the following text and images:

To access the history, to check the payment methods used, the first step is to access the Register menu. At the register menu, locate at the top of the screen the tab "Check Payment Method".

On this screen you can see in detail the payment for each transaction. You can get information of values, date and time of the transaction, the transaction number and locate the register that it was made.

Notice that at the top of the screen there is a dark gray bar. It is described the option to drag a header to create a filter. Just drag up to the dark gray bar. You can manage as many filters as you want.

You can also edit transactions changing the payment method etc., print the table that you customized and then export the table to Excel files, HTML or text files.

Remember that the function to check the payment methods is one of the many NextarSoftware Premium subscribers exclusives. Click here to see other exclusive features of the Premium subscribers.

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