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How to check financial Information: Total stock quantities and values

Learn how to display the quantity and total value of your stock through the financial information filter.


  • This feature is available for Nex Premium subscribers. Click here to check our plans!
  • The data displayed in the financial information columns are based on the current stock and cost price of your products, so it is important to keep your stock information up to date. If you have products with negative stock or with no cost price set, the total values may result in calculations that are incorrect.
  • The financial information filter shows important information for stock control, such as the total quantity of items in stock, the total cost price of stock and the total sales price of stock. Among the main information presented, the following columns are highlighted:

Stock Level: sum of the stock present in the store. ‍

Reserved Stock: sum of the stock reserved in open orders.

‍Available Stock: difference between stock level and reserved stock.

Purchased Stock: sum of all items that were input by stock purchases.

Retail %: percentage of the acquired products that have already been sold.

Markup: percentage (%) used to calculate the sale price automatically, that is, it is the percentage added to the cost price to calculate the sale price.

Cost: registered cost price of the product.

Total Cost: total amount invested in products in stock.

Total Price: total amount that would be received by selling all products in stock.

Those information are calculated by Nex using the cost price on products registration.

Shall we configure the cost price in your products?

1. The first step is to access the Products menu located on the left sidebar.

2. Now, create (+) a new product or edit one that is already in inventory.

3. The registration tab will open, where you can establish the Sales Price at which you want to sell your product, and set the its Cost. Press Save - F2 to finish.

Done! Now you know how to set prices on your products. 

Let's enable the financial information in the product menu?

1. Go to the STOCK menu.

2. On the Current Stock tab, click at the dollar sign button to display financial information.

3. New columns with the FINANCIAL INFORMATION will appear, you can check all of them with yellow background.

4. To remove unnecessary columns, click on the ARROW icon, then LAYOUT, then ADD/REMOVE COLUMNS.

5. Check only the columns you want to view.

You can enable any column you want back by checking them again

Done! Now you have more information about your current stock. Click here and see how to export Nex information.

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