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Sales Report by Product

This tutorial allows you to quickly check information regarding the products sold in your store, within a selected period!


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What is the Sales Report by Product?

This report will provide information regarding the sales of products within a selected period, you will be able to verify information such as the quantity of sales, current stock, sales price, unit cost, total cost in stock, among others!


Let's Generate the Report?

1. On the left side menu, click on the STATISTICS menu.

2. Select the report SALES BY PRODUCT.

3. Click on the ARROWS to the right of the dates to inform the PERIOD for which you want to generate the report.

4. Click on GENERATE.

5. Now you can check the sales information for a given period.

6. If you wish, you can remove information from the report by clicking the COLUMN SETTINGS button and unchecking the options you do not need at this time.

The selected information will be momentarily removed from the screen, but you can select it again later.

7. You can also PRINT or EXPORT the report. Exporting the report generates an Excel(.XLS) file.

That's it! Now you can generate a new report for a different period.

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