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How to configure payment methods

See how to create, change, deactivate and configure payment methods other than the default ones used by Nex.


  • This function is available only on the Premium plan. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.

Shall we learn how to register a new payment method?

1. Go to SALES screen.

2. Click on the GEAR icon, on the right upper side of the screen.

3. Go to the option 40. PAYMENT METHODS and click on NEW to add a new payment method.

You can also select a payment method and click on EDIT to change an existing one or ENABLE/DISABLE to activate or deactivate the selected payment method.

‍4. Fill in the new PAYMENT METHOD information and then click on SAVE (F2).

5. If the payment method is a CARD, the acquirer will charge a portion of the amount paid in the transaction and will take a few days to credit the payment to your account. If necessary, inform the PROCESSING FEE(%) charged by the acquirer and the number of DAYS TO RECEIVE payment in your account.

6. Click on OK (F2) to save.

Done! Now just pay for the sale using your new registered payment method.

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