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Payment Methods

Learn how to add, edit, remove and set different payment methods on your Nextar POS Software.

To access your Payment Methods settings go on your left side taskbar,
click on"Sales" and go to "Options"⚙.

Once inside, scroll down to option 40.Payment Methods and chose from one of the options available: New, Edit and Delete.

New – Create additional payment methods to use on yourtransactions. Chose a Name, Icon(symbol), and select your payment settings.

After adding a new payment method, it is important to allow the cashier to give change. Ifyou check this option, you'll be able to save the change as store credit toyour customer's account. This option may be checked for any existing paymentmethod.


Edit – Allows you to make changes towards any payment method you select.

Delete – Select your Payment Method and disable it!

Click "OK" at the top-left corner to finish the configuration.

All done! Now you learned where your Payment Methods are located.

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