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Payment Methods

Learn how to add, edit, remove and set different payment methods on your Nextar POS Software.

In order to add or remove a payment method, first, you have to simulate a sale. Making a sale is easy, just click the "Sales" menu and go to "Point of Sale".

There's no need to select a product. Just hit "Save" at the top-left corner in order to open the Payment Screen.

Click the gray gear icon to open the Payment Method Settings.

In the Payment Options Screen, under Payment Methods, there are four default payment methods.

Click New and enter the name of the custom payment method (e.g Paypal, Voucher, etc) and choose an icon.

You can edit the name and icon of any payment method.

After adding a new payment method, it is important to allow the cashier to give change. If you check this option, you'll be able to save the change as store credit to your customer's account. This option may be checked for any existing payment method.

Click "OK" at the top-left corner to finish the configuration and save the changes made.

Done. You are all set! From now on all payment methods will be available for your next sale.


In order for a new payment method to appear on the list, you have to first close the opened sale in order to complete the configuration process.

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