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Orders: Multiple Terminals

Learn how to run multiple terminals simultaneously with the main register.

What is the Orders feature?

It is a two-step selling process in which the sale is put on hold temporarily. This feature is commonly used in two major scenarios:

• When an order is taken and then sent to another terminal for payment. e.g Cashier, Register, Front Desk, etc.

• When the order is sent to another department. e.g. Kitchen, Warehouse, Inventory Room, etc.

How to take an order?

First, open your NexAdmin and click the "Sales" menu on the left sidebar. Then click the New Order button located at the top of the screen. 

The next step will be adding purchased products to the list. First, enter the product code or name. You may use the cursor or keyboard arrows to navigate. If you wish to increase the quantity, just enter and number and press the * key before typing the product information.

Now, click "Save" at the top of the screen or press F2 to place the order.

View pending orders by clicking the "Open Orders" tab located under the Point of Sale button. This tab shows important information such as order number, customer name and the amount due. You may Print Orders or Complete the Sale from there.

If you wish to start the payment process, just locate the order and click on it. Now, use the "Pay/Confirm" option or press F2.

A payment screen will pop up. Select the payment method and enter the amount being paid.

Remember: Free Nextar POS users only have access to the Cash option. Different payment methods such as Credit and Debit cards are only available to PRO and PREMIUM users. (learn more).

If the customer is only leaving a deposit or making a partial payment, the remaining balance will be automatically added to their account. You may also save the change as store credit.

After checking the information, click Save at the bottom of the screen or press F2.

Done. You are all set! You have completed a sale successfully. You can now focus on making more sales.

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