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How to create an order

See how to work with orders on Nex and operate with counter sales or reserve products for your customers.


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What is the Orders feature?

Ordering, also known as over-the-counter sales, is a sales system in which payment is made after products are launched. This method is widely used in stores that work with over-the-counter sales (such as pharmacies and construction material stores) and payment is made at the cashier at the end. Every product launched in the order will be reserved in stock, awaiting payment completion to have stock written off and money to be entered into the Nex cashier.

It is a two-step selling process in which the sale is put on hold temporarily. This feature is commonly used in two major scenarios:

  • When an order is taken and then sent to another terminal for payment. e.g Cashier, Register, Front Desk, etc.
  • When the order is sent to another department. e.g. Kitchen, Warehouse, Inventory Room, etc.

Shall we learn how to create an order?

1. On the SALES screen, click on NEW ORDER - F4.

2. Click on CUSTOMER (F5) if you want to link a customer to this order.

3. Select the CUSTOMER and click on OK.

4. Select the desired PRODUCT and enter the QUANTITY.

5. Click on SEND.

You can search for the product by description or code and you can also click on the arrow to the right of the field to check the entire list of registered products.

6. Click on SAVE (F2) in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Shall we learn how to complete an order in a sale?

6. On the SALES screen, access the OPEN ORDERS tab.

‍7. Identify the order you want to complete and click on OPEN - F2.

8. Click on PAY/SAVE (F2).

9. Select the PAYMENT METHOD and click on FINISH - F2.

Done! Your order has been completed on sale.

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