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Orders: Multiple Terminals

Learn how to run Orders in multiple terminals simultaneously.

What is the Orders feature?

It is a two-step selling process in which the sale is put on hold temporarily. This feature is commonly used in two major scenarios:

• When an order is taken and then sent to another terminal for payment. e.g Cashier, Register, Front Desk, etc.

• When the order is sent to another department. e.g. Kitchen, Warehouse, Inventory Room, etc.

How to take an order?

1. First, open your Nex Admin and click on "Sales" on the left sidebar. Then press the New Order - F4 button.

2. The next step is adding Products to your list, you can enter them typing the description, code, or using a barcode scanner.

3. You can also search and select them on the dropdown products list.

4. After you’ve finished listing your products, quantities and prices there are several other features(options) you can use before finishing the order. Let’s learn more about them!

You can add a Customer account pressing the Customer (F5) button or pressing only F5. Then select a customer and press Ok.

5. Give discounts pressing the Discount (F3) or pressing only F3. You can choose to change the price manually or enter the percentage to discount.

6. Add observations(comments/notes) pressing the Obs (F4) button or pressing only F4.

7. Add shipping(delivery) info to your order by pressing the Shipping (F9) button or pressing only F9. Then select an existent address or create a new one pressing the New (F4) button, then press Next >>.

8. Select a Transporter or Shipping Company or Leave shipping company undefined. You can also create New or Edit and Remove any company listed. You can set it to be a fixed company using the Save this option as default button to your right. Once you’re ready press Next >>.

9. Last step, enter the Delivery / Shipping Fee or you can leave it as 0. You can set it to be a fixed fee using the Set as Default Value button to your right. Now that you’re done, press Finish!

10. Press Save (F2) and Ok to end the Order. You can also press Start New Order(F4) to continue making Orders.

11. Your pending orders will be on the Open Orders tab. Once you’re ready to start the payment process, select your Order and press the Open (F2) button.

12. It will open the details of your Order, click on Pay/Save to finish.

13. Select your payment method and enter the amount to be paid. Then finish by pressing Save(F2).

All done. Your Order was paid and entered your Sales!

Great job! You learned how to create your orders and how to pay them, so they can enter your Sales.

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