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How to apply discounts on the total value of a transaction

See how easy it is to edit and apply a discount to the total value of a sales transaction, order or quote.


  • The discount per item is cumulative with the sales discount.
  • This procedure can be carried out in a sale, order or quote

Shall we learn how to apply a discount to the total value of a transaction?

1. On the Sales, Order or Quotation screen click on DISCOUNT (F3) option or press F3 on the keyboard.

2. Enter the discount amount in the DISCOUNT field or the discount percentage to be applied in the PERCENTAGE field.

3. Confirm the FINAL TOTAL updated after the discount given and click on SAVE - F2.

Done! Now the sale will appear with the final price after the discount.

Important: The sales discount is CUMULATIVE with the discount per item, applying the item discount first and then the sales discount. If you offer 10% off the item and 10% off the entire sale, the value of the item will be reduced by 19%.


Item: $ 100.00 - 10% = $ 90.00.

Sale: $ 90.00 - 10% = $ 81.00.

Total discount = 19%

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