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How to configure order receipt printing

See how to configure and choose the printing model for an order on Nex.


  • This feature is available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our program subscription plans.
  • It is necessary to install the printer driver in Windows for it to work correctly, as just connecting the printer cable to the computer is not enough.
  • For POS-58 and POS-80 printers, 58mm and 80mm printing templates must be used, respectively. For other coil printers, a 74mm printing template must be used to avoid cutting the edges of the print.

Shall we set up an order printing template?

1. Go to SALES menu.

2. Click on the GEAR icon.

3. Check the option 9. PRINT ORDER.

If necessary, select option 10. to Print automatically.

4. Select the PRINTER in option 11.

5. Click on the option 12. TEMPLATE.

6. Select PLAIN PAPER or COIL, depending on your printer type.

7. Select a PRINT TEMPLATE and click on NEXT.

8. Customize the fields for the chosen print template and click on NEXT.

9. Click on FINISH!

10. Click on OK (F2).

11. Select an order and click PRINT ORDER to test.

You can do the same procedure for printing 1. PROOF OF SALE and for 5. DEBIT PAYMENT.

Done! Order printing has been configured in Nex

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