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How to configure to require a salesperson at the moment of the sale

See how to define a mandatory requirement for a salesperson at the time of sale.


  • It is necessary to have more than one user registered on Nex to be able to switch between salesperson during a sale. Click here and learn more about how to create new users on Nex.
  • This feature is available to Premium plan subscribers. Find out more about our subscription plans.

Why inform the salesperson at the moment of the sale?

This feature is very useful if you need to control the seller of each transaction, whether for internal control or to control the sales commission, as it is recorded for the seller who carries out the operation. When using this configuration, it is not necessary to access Nex with the selling user, since at the end of every sale it will be necessary to inform which user is making the sale. Thus, this information will be recorded in the database, allowing the recording of reports and commissions for each salesperson.

Shall we learn how to configure it to require a salesperson?

1. On the Sales screen, click on GEAR, in the top right corner.

2. Select and check the option 16. REQUIRE SALESPERSON TO REGISTER SALES.

3. Click on OK (F2), in the upper left corner, to save.

4. When making a sale, Nex will request a salesperson. Select the SALESPERSON and click on OK.

Click here to check how to make the sale.

Done! You've now set it to always require a salesperson when registering a sale.

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