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Create New Users

Add new users, select the type and customize their profiles as needed for your business.

In the NEXTAR Software the attendants (sellers) and administrators are called users. To create a new user, go to the left sidebar - Users Menu in your NexAdmin.

In the Users screen you can view the list of users created, as shown in the image below. At the top of the screen there are options to Add User, Edit Existing User, Delete User and Disable User. In the list, administrator users will be marked in bold. The unmarked are ordinary users, often with restrictions that will be predetermined by you when creating a user. To create a new user click "Add User" at the top of the screen.

In the User Registration screen, you must first fill the user Username, which is the name he will use to enter the program. 

Below fill the User Full Name. The full name will appear on the customer receipt.

Then you decide whether he is one of the Program Administrator. The administrator has access to all program functions without any restrictions. If he is an administrator, check the "Administrator" option, right next to the Username option.

In case the user is not an administrator, if he is an employee or salesman and you want to add restrictions to him, do not check the Administrator option right next the Username field.

By clearing the administrator option, the whitelist below will be available and you just need to check each option to your preference. 

If you want to limit the power for this user, check the "Limit discounts" and enter the maximum discount percentage that he can apply in sales.

It is ideal that each user has their own password, to ensure the safety of the store. To create a password for the user, click Create Password at the top of the screen. Note that after you create and save a new user, the new user will appear in the list and can now enter the program with his username and password.

You can now access with each user simultaneously on each computer. Remember that using multiple stations is a Premium feature of the NEXTAR Software (more info).

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