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Is it really FREE?

Learn all conditions and usabilities available in the Free plan and the difference between plans and solve all your questions.

It's really FREE

No time, product or costumer limit. NEXTAR is a software that you can Check here all the Plans

Frequently Asked Questions about Plans

1. If NEXTAR Software is free why do I have only 14 days to test?

You can use the NEX free and without time limit, with the FREE plan. However, we also offer the PRO and PREMIUM plans that have online support and more click here to see the prices), we offer a 14-day free trial. It is important that you can test them at no cost and discover in practice what is best for your store.

We recommend the PRO plan for all of those who are downloading the NEX for the first time because as well as experience the advanced features you can take advantage of the opportunity to rely on our online customer service during the 14 days of the test. A great benefit to

2. What are the advanced features that are part of the PRO and PREMIUM plan?

Check out the entire advanced features list here.

3. What happens when you finish the 14 days free trial of the PRO plan?

When you finish the test period for the PRO plan you have two options: sign the PRO plan choosing a form of payment or choose to stay in the FREE plan which is always free. In both cases, you don't lose any store information.

4. Will I lose the data released after the trial period?

No. Your database will continue to function normally without data loss even if you choose to keep using the FREE plan. Therefore all of your sales information, register and product registrations (including inventory), customers and suppliers will continue exactly as before.

5. Can I migrate plans before the end of the trial period?

Yes. At any time you can switch to any of the plans we offer, that includes the Free plan. You can control all of your information by clicking here.

6. And if I sign one of the paid plans but choose to go back to the free plan or even stop using the software?

You only pay as long as you are satisfied. You can unsubscribe at any time and even then the program will continue to function normally and without

How does the Free Trial for 14 days works? 

It is really a Free Trial.

At the end of the trial period, you can choose to stay in the paid plan or go back to the free option. If you want to stay on the paid plan, you will be asked to make the payment. Otherwise, there is no charge

You don't lose any data!

No information loss from your database. That is your sales information, products, customers and inventory that won't be lost when you change the plan. Therefore all your information including those generated during the test period will be valid if you choose not to stay in the paid plan and return to the previous plan.

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