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Payment by PayPal

Learn how to pay Nextar with PayPal

The payment of Nextar has monthly and annual recurrences. In order to process your subscription, you can choose one of the plans we have, in relation to the features of each one of them. You can read more information about the plans and their features in the link:

The values of the plans are:


Monthly: US$ 15
Annual: US$ 156


Monthly: US$ 25
Annual: US$ 252

*It’s important to know that the payment is in US Dollar.

To make the payment, you need to have a PayPal account. If you have not, you can make a register on this website:

Important: Is possible that this procedure does not work on another browser.  We indicate perform it on Google Chrome.

- Then, you should go on the help button, at the top of your Nextar and click on buy or renew subscription.

You can also access from anywhere from the website to make the subscription.

- After choosing your plan and clicking on continue, you will be redirected to the PayPal page, where you can log in in your account and the payment can be charged.

- By clicking on agree and continue, the PayPal page closes, and you are redirected to the MyStore page again

- After wait the processing time, your payment is released and your plan is now liberated.

- You can confirm that the payment by accessing your email and checking if Paypal sent you something confirming the transaction, or by checking the activities menu when accessing your account on the PayPal website.

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