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How to make a debt payment

Learn how to pay a debt registered in your customer's registration within Nex.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • To record the payment of the debt, it is necessary that the customer has an outstanding debt amount. See here how to sale on debt.

Shall we learn how to register the payment of a debt?

1. On the Customers screen, locate the CUSTOMER you want to register the debt payment.

2. Click on DEBT and then PAY CUSTOMER DEBT.

3. Select the debt ITEMS you want to pay.

4. Select the option of TOTAL or PARTIAL PAYMENT.

You can select PARTIAL PAYMENT if you want to make a payment less than the total debt amount of the selected items.

‍5. Click on SAVE - F2.

6. Select the PAYMENT METHOD and click on SAVE - F2.

Important: at the moment, it is not yet possible to register the change of a debt payment as credit for the customer.

Done! The debt payment has been registered and this amount has already entered your current cash.

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