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Setting up Tax Rates or Fees

Customize Nextar POS according to your local tax regulations or create and apply fees to individual orders or products during a transaction.

Create New Tax Rate

First, click on the Products menu located on the left-side of your Nextar POS Software. Click the green add button (+) to add a new product or double-click an inventoried product to edit it.

Now, click on the Tax tab. Click the three dots (...) located next to the taxation field.

A new window will pop up. Click on New to set a new tax rate. Enter a name (i.e. NY Sales Tax) and a rate (i.e. 8.875%).

Choose from one of two options: Include Sales Tax in Price or Add Sales Tax Separately. Press F2 to save or click the save button and then press OK to complete the process.

Select the Default Sales Tax if you wish to use it as the standard tax rate for all products and services. Leave it unchecked to assign to this particular product.

Done, you are all set. You may use the same steps to create custom fees (i.e Delivery Fee or Tips).

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