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Leave change as Credit

Learn how to leave the change as credit in the customer's account

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In many segments it is quite common to have the possibility to store credit to a customer so that he can use it in future purchases. This can easily be done with NEXTAR Software .

How to store the change as credit

Advance to payment screen

Make a sale normally and proceed to the payment screen by clicking on Save (F2).

Enter the amount payed by the costumer.

In this case, let's say the customer has given a value above the total which would generate  change.

Check the box “Customer Credits” and confirm

Instead of returning the change you can save it as credit, directly in the customer's account so he can use in a future sale. Check the item "Save change as Customer Credits" and save the operation.

The confirmation message appears on the screen also showing the amount credited into account. Click OK to finish.

How to check the total credits

Access the customers menu to see the credits

All set! The amount was credited to the customer's account. To check, go to "Customers" on the left bar and locate your customer. Then look in the option "Credits" the total your customer has to spend on your store on the next sale.

How to use the credits at the time of sale

As shown before start a sale and proceed to the payment screen

In the sales screen select the customer. By selecting it the available credits will be displayed. These may be used at the time of payment. Advance to the payment screen after launching the products.

Select the payment method "Customer Credits"

In the payment screen a new form of payment will appear, called "Withdraw from customer credits". It will appear the total credit available for the customer to use. You can ignore this if you don't wish to use the credits. Just type the value into the desired form of payment and click "Save (F2) " or press F2.

All set! Payment accomplished successfully. On the customer's registration you will have the new changed credit.  Click on Ok to finish.

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