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How to calculate product weight based on price

See how to calculate the selling weight based on the product price.


  • The product needs to be configured, so that it is possible to make fractional sales and to change the price at the moment of the sale. Click here to configure the product for fractional sale and here to configure it to change the price at the moment of the sale.
  • The user must have permission to change the price of the product at the time of sale. Click here to check how to grant this permission to the user.

Shall we learn how to calculate weight based on price?

1. Click on the SALES icon.

2. Click on NEW SALE - F3.

3. Inform the PRODUCT and DO NOT add it on the sale.

4. In the price field, enter the PRICE the customer wants to buy.

5. In the top menu, click on the THREE DOTS and then on CALCULATE WEIGHT BY SALE VALUE.

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut ALT + P to perform this operation.

6. Click on SEND.

7. Click on SAVE (F2) to finalize the sale.

Done! Nex calculated the weight using the value entered.

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