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How to use the customer's credit on a sale

See how simple it is to use the available credit in the customer's account to complete a sale.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.
  • There must be a customer with account credit linked to the sale. See here how to register the change as a credit to a customer.

Shall we learn how to use available credit to complete a sale?

1. During sales registration, click on CUSTOMER (F5).

2. Select the CUSTOMER with credit and click OK.

3. Click on FINISH (F2) to finish the sale.

Click here to check how to make the sale.

4. Select the first option WITHDRAW FROM CUSTOMER CREDIT to use the customer's credit amount.

If the credit does not reach the total amount of the sale, select the payment method that the customer used to pay the remainder.

5. Click on SAVE - F2 to finish he sale.

The credit will be withdrawn from the customer's account and this credit amount will not enter the open cashier, since there was no receipt of any amount in this sale.

Done! You've learned how to make a sale using the available credit in the customer's account.

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