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Set Change Limit

Learn how to set a limit or increase your employees change limit.

If you wish to create a change limit to your employee, you must make a quick setup

Start a sale and proceed to Payment screen

To make this setting, the first step is to start a Register sale and advance to the payment screen. If it is only a setting you don't need to add products or customer on the sale, just go to payment.

Access Payment Options

On the payment screen access the "Payment Options" by clicking the gray gear that appears at the bottom right of the window.

Set the change limit in "2. Max Change Allowed"

On the "Payment Options" screen, locate the "2. Max change Allowed" item. Set the maximum change value that the NEXTAR Software will allow the seller to give the customer.

Confirm settings

To confirm and finalize the settings, click OK at the top left on the screen. You need to confirm for your settings to change.

View the change limit message in your sales.

All set! Now on your next sale if the value exceeds the limit it will show on the screen a warning  "above the allowed change". This message shows the change that the seller tried to give and the maximum change you allowed in the previous steps.

Modify the change allowed in the warning window

If you are on a sale and this message appears and you want to change your change limit it is very simple. In the maximum change exceeded warning window just click on "Increase the allowed change." Then simply enter the maximum allowed change you want and click OK. Automatically the system will accept the change and the value you set will be the new default change limit of your store. 

All set! Your change limit was determined successfully and sale will then have been completed in full.

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