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Debt Transactions

Learn how to use this feature to create payment plans or layaway programs through the Payment Screen.

In order to make a sale and leave part of the balance as debt, you first need to set the default credit limit of your store.

When ready, begin the process of making a sale. It may be a Regular Sale (Point of Sale) or an Order. We will use the Regular Sale (POS) for this tutorial. On the left tab of the "Sales" screen start a sale normally

Add the products and advance to the payment screen.

Enter the amount of the down payment. You may enter zero or a number lower than the total due.

Check the "Assign Debt" option, which will only appear when there is a partial payment. Note that the unpaid balance will appear in red.

Now just hit Save (F2) to complete the process and assign the debt to the customer's account.

If you hadn't selected a customer during the sale, a screen will pop up asking you to do so. Click "Select a Customer (F5)" to open your customers' list. If the customer does not have an account, click "New (F5)" at the top of the list.

After that, the debt will be added to the customer's account.

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