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Creating a Customer Account

Learn how to create customer accounts and enjoy all the advantages Nextar POS Software has to offer.

Creating a new customer account with Nextar POS Software is easy, shall we?

1. Click on Customers on the left sidebar of the software. Then, locate and click on the blue plus (+) sign at the top of Nextar POS screen.

2. The Customer Registration Form will open on the screen. Fill out the desired fields.

3. When creating a customer account you may also set a debt limit for each customer and/or update your store's default limit. Click on Customer Debts and set the debt limit.

4. Once you have finished entering your customer's information, just click "Save" or press F2.

Done! You are all set! You have just created a customer account. You will now be able to pull up your customer's account next time they shop. You may also issue debts and store credit to the customer's account.

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