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How to transfer store registration to another email

See how easy it is to change your subscription registration email within Nex to use another email.


  • This procedure allows you to transfer your subscription data (plan and expiration) to a new registration email.
  • Click here to see how to create a new Nex registration.

What is the registration email?

The registration email is your link to Nextar. It is a guarantee of security in case you need to recover your registration password at some point.

The Nex subscription made to use one of the paid plans is linked directly to your registration email, unlike your program data which is stored on the computer itself (see here how to make a backup/backup copy of this data).

Why change your Nex registration email?

It is possible that, over time, the registered registration email is no longer being used by you or it may be that you have lost access to it. In this way, this procedure allows you to change the registration email in a simple and practical way, within Nex itself.

Shall we learn how to change the Nex registration email?

1. Click on your PLAN DATA in the top right corner.

2. Click on MANAGE ACCOUNT, then select the option 4. CHANGE THE EMAIL OF YOUR ACCOUNT.

3. Enter your REGISTRATION PASSWORD and click on NEXT.

If you don't remember your registration password, click here and see how to recover it.

5. Enter the NEW REGISTRATION EMAIL and click on NEXT.

6. Enter the VERIFICATION CODE sent to the new registration email and click on FINISH.

The VERIFICATION CODE sent has 6 digits, which are just numbers. This is a security procedure to verify that the chosen email is really valid.

‍7. Click OK to complete the procedure.

Done! You can see in the top right corner of Nex that your registration email has changed.

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