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Quotations: create, print and send by email

Create a quotation quickly. Nex will help you print and or email it to your customer.


  • This function is available only on the PREMIUM plan. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.

Shall we create a quotation together?

1. In the Sales menu in the left bar of the system, click at the top of the screen

2. Click on Expires, enter the expiration date, and click on Ok in order to save it.

3. Click on Customer at the top of the bar and select the customer. Click on Ok.

4. Select the products to add on the quotation.

5. Click on Save to finish it.

6. The sending and printing screen will appear after that. If you want to send this quote by email, click on the Send by Email option, type the client's email, your email, subject and the e-mail body.

If you want to print this quotation, click on the Print option

7. Click Ok to save the quotation and perform the operations you have chosen.

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