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How to create a quotation

Learn how to create a quotation on Nex to send it to your customers.


  • This function is available only on the PREMIUM plan. Learn more about Nex subscription plans.
  • It is necessary to have a customer registered on Nex to generate a quotation. See here how to register a customer.

Shall we learn how to create a quotation?

1. On the SALES screen, click NEW QUOTATION - F5.

2. Add the PRODUCT(S) to the quotation.

You can type the name or beep the product code with a barcode reader.

3. Click on CUSTOMER (F5) to inform the customer who requested the quotation.

See here how to register a customer.

4. Select the CUSTOMER and click on OK.

If necessary, fill in other information such as DISCOUNT (F3), EXPIRATION (F7) and SHIPPING (F9).

5. Click on SAVE (F2) to finish.

Done! You learned how to generate a quote for your client.

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  • How to approve or reject a quotation.
  • How to generate a sale from a quotation
  • How to print or email a quotation.
  • How to configure quotation printing.

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