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Creating New Users

Add new users, select the type and customize their profiles as needed for your business.

To create a new user accounts for admins or a salesperson, access the Users menu of your Nextar POS.

There, you'll find a list of current users and users options to Add, Edit, Delete, or Deactivate users. To add a user click "New" at the top of the screen.

Enter user information then you decide whether they will have administrator privileges.  The administrator has access to all program functions without any restrictions.

If you wish to add restrictions do not check the Administrator option and select the information the user will have access to.

It is ideal that each user has their own password, to ensure the safety of the store. To create a password for the user, click Create Password at the top of the screen. Note that after you've created a new user, they'll appear in the list and log into the program with their credentials.

If you are a PREMIUM user you can set up multiple stations to be used simultaneously.

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