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How to create new users in Nex

Create users for your employees and salespeople on Nex and define which resources they can access and use, customizing their profiles according to your business needs.


  • This feature is only available to Nex subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.

What are users in Nex?

By default, Nex comes with a single registered user who is the system administrator. The admin user has permission to perform all operations possible and available in your Nex plan. You can create new users for use by sellers, allowing them access to certain features. If necessary, it is possible to register a password to be used by each user when entering the system.

Reminder: if you register a password for the user, it is important to also register an email. This e-mail is used to recover the password, in case of loss or forgetfulness.

Shall we learn how to create a new user?

1. Open Nex and click on USER INITIAL in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Click on MANAGE USERS.

3. Click on the ADDITION (+) icon.

4. Enter the USERNAME (LOGIN). This information is the user login that will appear when logging to the system.

5. Inform the FULL NAME of who will use this user.

6. CONFIRM THE E-MAIL by reentering it. It is possible to check the option USE USER E-MAIL TO SEND QUOTATIONS, if you want to use this email to send quotations to the customers.

7. Insert the FULL NAME.

8. Choose the PASSWORD, it it limited to 10 characters, without symbols.

9. If necessary, on SUPERVISOR tab, check the option THIS USER IS A SUPERVISOR to set special permissions.

If one of the employees without the permissions tries to give discounts or exclude products already launched on the sales screen, they will be asked for a supervisor password to allow discounts to be given or to delete a product launched by mistake.

10. If you check the option setting the user as a Supervisor, it is necessary to choose a PASSWORD and click on SAVE.

11. On PERMISSIONS tab, configure USER ACCESS to Nex features. You can allow the use to use the Nex Sales App, limit the amount of discount on a sale and set the user as an administrator, with full access to all Nex functions.

Inform the discount limit this user can grant, enabling the LIMIT DISCOUNTS option and informing the MAXIMUM PERCENTAGE ALLOWED FOR SALE.

12. Choose what the user is ALLOWED to do on Nex. You must check all resources that the user is entitled to access.

13. Click on SAVE - F2 in the upper left corner.

Done! Now the new user is already registered. The next time you open Nex, you will be able to select the user you want to use to access the system.

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