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How to activate or deactivate an user

In this tutorial you will see how easy it is to deactivate and activate a user.


  • To carry out this process it is necessary to log in to Nex with an administrator user. Learn more about Nex users.

Shall we learn how to deactivate and reactivate a user's registration?

1. Enter the user options by clicking on the USER INITIAL, located in the upper right corner of the Nex.

2. Then, click on the MANAGE USERS option.

3. Select the USER you want to deactivate and click on the THREE DOTS.

4. The options will then open, select DEACTIVATE USER.

5. Confirm user deactivation, click on YES.

Done! The user is disabled.

Now let's activate the user again.

1. Repeat the startup steps, once in the Users window, select the deactivated user and click on the THREE DOTS to select REACTIVATE USER.

Done! Now you are ready to deactivate and activate users whenever you want.

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