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Recovering a user's password in the NEX program

See how simple and secure it is to recover a user's password from the NEX Program.

You must have an e-mail address saved in the user’s settings.

If the Forgot your password? operation does not appear, and the user has a password they do not remember.

Contact our support to see what we can do to help you! You can reach our support by pressing the F8 key inside any NEX Program screen or by clicking here.

A great tip on how to change user passwords is with the NEX Admin(administrator) user you can change the password of any additional user, without needing to know this user's current password.


How do I recover a user's password?


Open NEXTAR-ADMIN (blue store icon).

Select the user or admin you want to recover the password.

Click on forgot your password?

The user's password will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the user's settings.

To finish click on OK

You are done! Now you only have to verify the user password in your email inbox.


Reminder: If the password is blank in the email, it means that your user does not have a registered password, in this case it is necessary to access the system without informing a password, selecting the user and press ENTER.




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