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Learn about admin user and limited users in Nex

See the reason why it is not possible to access some features or save some configuration.


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Differences between admin user and limited user in Nex

By default, the program comes with a registered user, who is the system administrator. The admin user has permission to perform all operations possible and available in your Nex plan.

You can create new users - including administrator users - for use by sellers, and you can limit their access to certain Nex features. If necessary, it is possible to register a password to be used by each user when entering the system.

Limited users are usually users intended for sellers, who will not have full access to the system. In this case, access will be limited to the functionalities that the administrator allows for that user.

Therefore, if you are unable to access any tab or save any configuration, check the user who is logged into the system. If you are a non-admin user, here's how to edit in user control to gain access to the desired feature.

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