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How to recover Nex registration password

See how simple and practical it is to recover your Nex registration password.


  • The registration password is registered when registering the Nex account. As this procedure is done as soon as you start using the Program, it is possible that you end up forgetting this password, after all, nowadays, we use several different passwords and it can be difficult to remember them all, right?
  • The registration password is different from the user password. To see how to recover the password of a user registered on Nex, click here.

Shall we recover the registration password through My Nextar?

1. Access MY NEXTAR by clicking here.


3. Enter your REGISTRATION EMAIL and click on SEND.

4. Check your email and follow the instructions that were sent.

If you don't find the email in your inbox, check your SPAM folder.

Done! Now just use your registration password.

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