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Is it really FREE?

Learn more about the Free plan and the great benefits of going PRO or PREMIUM.

It’s really free!

There’s no limits for time, products or clients. The Nextar is a free software for sales, which you can use in your store for as long as you want in the FREE plan. But, we have also PRo and PREMIUM plan, for those who want more store control. Click here to check the differences between the versions!


1. If the program is free, why do I have only 14 days to test?

You can use Nextar for free, and with no limit of time in the free plan. But, we also offer the plans PRO and PREMIUM, that have online support and more features. For these plans that have monthly payment (click here to check the pricing), we offer 14 free days to test. It’s important that you can test them with no cost and find out what is the best for your store. We recommend the PRO plan for those who are making the download of Nextar for the first time, because you can test the advanced features, and take the opportunity of count of our online attendance service during the 14 days. A great benefit to deploy the system in your store.

2. What are the advanced features that you have in the PRO and PREMIUM plans?

Check out the full list of advanced features here

 3. What happens when finish the 14-day free trial of the PRO plan?

At the end of the trial period of the PRO plan you will have two options: sign the PRO plan or choose to stay in the FREE plan, which is free forever. In both cases, you will not lose any information from your store.

 4. Will I lose the data released after the trial period?

No. Your database will continue to run normally without loss of data even if you choose to continue using it with the FREE plan. Therefore, all your information of sales, cashier and products register (including stock), clients, suppliers, will continue exactly  as before

 5. Can I migrate from the plan, before the end of the test time?

Yes. You can migrate in any moment to any plan, including the Free plan. You can control your plan information by accessing here.

 6. What if I assign one of the paid plans, but after a while, I want to get back to the FREE plan, or even stop to using it?

You can only pay while you're satisfied. You can unsubscribe in any time, and even then, the program will keep running normally, without no loss of data. But, the features of the PRO and PREMIUM plan will stop working after choose to return to the FREE plan.


How does the Free Trial works for 14 days?

The test is really free.

At the end of the test period, you can choose stay in the paid plan, or not. If you want to stay in the plan, you should make the payment. Otherwise, there is no charge.

You will not lose any data!

There’s no loss of information from your database. It means that your sales information, products, customers and inventory are not lost when you change the plan.Therefore, all your information, including those generated during the test period, will continue being valid if you do not want to remain in the paid plan and return to the previous plan.

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