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How to create and edit supervisor passwords

See how to create a supervisor password to allow the function of exclude products and give discounts on the Nex POS screen.


  • This feature is available for Nex subscribers. Learn more about subscribing to our plans.
  • This feature is available from version C469 onwards. Click here and learn how to update your Nex.
  • See here how to create a user in Nex.

What is the supervisor password used for?

Depending on the organization of your internal control, it may be interesting to block your employees from being allowed to give discounts or exclude products already entered on the sales screen. If one of your employees tries to perform one of these two actions, they will be asked for a supervisor password to allow discounts to be given or to delete a product launched by mistake.

Shall we learn how to create or edit a supervisor password?

1. Open Nex and click on USER INITIAL in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Click on MANAGE USERS.

3. Select the USER you want to create the supervisor password for and click on EDIT.

4. Click on CREATE SUPERVISOR PASSWORD or, if the user already has a password, on CHANGE SUPERVISOR PASSWORD.

5. Enter the NEW PASSWORD in the second and third fields identically. The password must have a maximum of 10 characters, consisting only of letters and numbers, and cannot be the same as another supervisor's password.

The Nex password is sensitive, that is, the program recognizes the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, so you have to type exactly the same password.


Important: We recommend not using special characters, other than letters and numbers, in the password.

‍7. Click on SAVE - F2.

Done! The new supervisor password is registered for the selected user.

How to block your employees from giving discounts and/or excluding products from sales?

8. On the USERS screen, enter the registration of the user you want to block permission to give discounts and/or to exclude items from the sale.

9. In item 8. Sales, UNCHECK option A - GIVE DISCOUNTS, to block permission to give discounts, and/or UNCHECK option Q - DELETE ITEM FROM SALE to block permission to exclude items already posted on the sales screen.

Done! Now the supervisor password must be entered on the POS screen whenever a user without permission tries to delete products or give discounts on the sales screen.

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