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How to subscribe or renew the plan by credit card (by Stripe)

See how to subscribe or renew the Nex Premium plan. You can pay for your subscription by credit card or by PayPal.


  • Payment for the subscription can be made by CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL.

What are Nex subscription plans?

Nex has several features, but some of them are intended for certain subscription plans. Our Free plan, the free plan for an indefinite period, is the simplest available on Nex, allowing access to basic system resources. We also have the Premium plan, which allows access to all the advanced functions of the system and requires a subscription to use. Learn more about the available features and pricing of each of the Nex plans.

Shall we subscribe to the Premium plan?

1. Click on SUBSCRIBE at the top right of the Nex screen to enter the payment page.

It is possible to access the payment page directly by clicking here.

2. To renew the plan, click on PLAN DATA and then MANAGE REGISTRATION.

3. If necessary, enter your EMAIL and REGISTRATION PASSWORD and press ENTER.

If you do not remember your registration password, click on Forgot my password.

3.1. To change the PAYMENT METHOD, you need to click on CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

Important: This process does not delete the Nex information, only the subscription with the selected payment method.

3.2. To create a new subscription, click on GO PREMIUM.

4. If it is the first subscription, it will be necessary to enter PERSONAL and ADDRESS DATA.

5. Click on NEXT.

6. Select the RECURRENCE of the subscription, if the plan will be MONTHLY or YEARLY.

Click here and see more about the plans and prices.

7. Complete the CARD DETAILS.

8. Click on PAY.

Done! Banks may take up to two business days to confirm payment of the invoice and release the plan.

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