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Stripe Subscription (Credit or Debit Card)

Learn how to make your Nextar program payment with Stripe.

The Nextar payment has monthly or yearly recurrence for our Premium Plan. You can choose whether you want to use the Free plan (which offers the basic features), or the Premium plan (which offers all features), according to your own necessity. You can read more information about the plans and their features using the link below:


You can check the prices of the Premium plan by clicking on this link.


To pay for the Premium plan, click on the help button at the top of your Nex Admin and then click on Buy or Renew the Premium Plan (option .6).

If this is your first subscription, you can just click on BUY PREMIUM PLAN (yellow pop-up)at the top of your Nex Admin main screen.

Double-check the features available to proceed.

You will now be redirected to a window where you will have to enter your billing address details

Then you have to choose between the monthly or yearly subscription of the Premium Plan. After fill in your credit or debit card information, such as your name, card number, expiration date and the CVC/CVV.

Finally, you must click on Pay, and wait for the payment confirmation.


All done, your payment is being processed and your activation will be ready for you within a few minutes.


To update your plan activation in the program, you can click on your email account, located in the upper right corner of the Nextar program, and choose option number
3 - update your plan info.

Also, when the program is closed and reopened, the activation also updates.

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